Best Foods That Help In Keeping The Body Hydrated

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Keeping oneself hydrated is the primary requirement to maintain a glowing skin and prevent any sorts of diseases from occurring. One appears confident and buoyant when their skin radiates brightly. This is possible by keeping hydrated from within. So, here are some of the foods that help in achieving this purpose.


Cucumbers are often used in sunburns or other skin conditions like swelling. This is because it is not only rich in water but also caffeic acid and Vitamin C that help in reducing swelling and soothing the skin irritations.

Mixed Greens Salad

Mixed greens salad rich in lettuce could help in keeping hydrated. There is above 90% of water in lettuce, so this salad would help one feel fuller and content, and aid in losing weight as well.

Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce is rich in water as they contain almost 90% of water. Moreover, it is without any fat. So, it is always better to consume this sauce for serving the twin purpose of keeping hydrated and losing weight.

Chicken Noodle Soup

This food item seems to work clinically in order to keep oneself hydrated since it contains a great dosage of sodium as well as an appropriate amount of carbohydrate that helps in absorbing the sodium.


Eggplant is another food that is rich in water and fibre but very low in calories. Moreover, the spongy texture ensures the absorption of excessive oil.


One should always go with natural unsweetened applesauce in order to get a fulsome dose of water. So, caution must be exercised to avoid any brands that are rich in high sugars.


Zucchini is a must to include in the diet for all those looking to hydrate their bodies from within as 95% of its weight is constituted just by water. Moreover, it is a rich source of potassium, folate, Vitamin C and Vitamin A as well.


Cantaloupe is a very popular melon among people. Though people eat it for its delicious taste the food contains 90% of water and is a rich source of Vitamin A.


Well, most often it is believed that only water is necessary for hydrating the body; however, the presence of other elements like natural sugars, minerals, and salts is also necessary in order to achieve effective hydration. So, in this regards, watermelon is a befitting food as it contains 92% of water along with other essential elements like sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and other rehydration salts.

Bell Peppers

This is another food item that is good for maintaining a clear skin. They contain 92% of water besides containing other nutrients including Vitamin B6, thiamine, Vitamin C, folic acid, and beta carotene.


Pear is a good food item to be included in diet for keeping hydrated. Moreover, it contains a lot of dietary fibre which helps in imparting a feeling of fullness and contentment, which in turn, facilitates in the process of weight loss.


Pineapple is a great choice to be included in one’s diet because of its multiple benefits. Not only does it keep the body hydrated by supplying the essential quantity of water but is also a rich source of bromelain that are powerful in countering inflammation.

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