How Women In Their 20s Should Take Care Of Their Skin

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So far as women are concerned, maturity is a steady and slow process and brings in some other additional things. As you become a woman from a girl by journeying through different phases, life come up with a mélange of good and bad experiences, some of which affect how a woman looks, especially in terms of the skin. If pimples are a gift that the teenagers have to face, wrinkles are the representatives of adulthood, resulting from a lack of moisture. If you start early, that is, in the 20s, you can indeed have glowing skin and lasting youth. Here are some common issues, which women in their 20s have to face and the ways to deal with such problems.


Until mid 30s, you will not get wrinkles. They can be further postponed to a much later phase of your life (say when you are in your late 40s), if you start your skincare regimen early. It has been seen that women who take proper precautions during their 20s, do not get wrinkles until later in their life. When your skin loses its elasticity, you can see the appearance of wrinkles.

Lotions and serums that boost the collagen level of the skin are the most effective way to deal with the issue of wrinkles. While you are applying face pack or lotions, take care not to pull or stretch the skin excessively. Also, avoid application of face packs or lotions in the areas close to the mouth or eyes.

Sun Damage

Women whose skin is continuously exposed to the sun may face the problem of premature aging. It has been found that in around 80% of women, recreational activities such as sports and tanning, practiced under the sun leads to skin damage even before they reach their 20s.

So, whenever you are going out into the sun, always remember to apply one of the best sunscreen lotions, with SPF of around 15 to 45. It is also advisable to stay away from under-the-sun activities, particularly during the afternoon time when the sun is at its peak. For protection of the eyes and the surrounding areas from the harmful effects of the rays of the sun, it is best to wear sunglasses.


Although acne is more or less a problem that teenage girls usually face, the problem might still be there with some women when they enter adulthood. In adult women, acne generally occurs in areas like the jaw line and chin. In order to deal with the problem of acne, make use of an effective cleanser that contains salicylic acid as one of the ingredients. It will help to combat bacteria that cause acne. You can also solve the problem of acne and pimples by application of a cream that contains 2.5% benzoyl peroxide.

Apart from taking care of sun damage, wrinkles and acne, you should also regularly clean and moisturize your skin, which is especially important if you are doing some work that involves stress throughout the day. Also try to stay away from alcohol and smoking, and do not deprive yourself from 8 hours of sleep per day.

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