Scintillating And Appealing Designs For Wearing Matte Nails

Woman Posing With Colorful Nails

The idea of matte nails was disliked and ridiculed as well by some people when it arrived, as ladies were inclined to wearing shiny nail polishes that had pearlized finish. In sharp contrast the matte nail polishes are prone to drying very fast. However, over the years, matte nails have come in vogue once again as ladies have found incredible and appealing designs to wear for matte nails. They are fresh and novel, and outdo any other nail polishes in the market. So, here is a list of amazing designs that one could wear for matte nails, the designs that are so potent to make people fall in love with them instantly.

Monochrome Polka Dots

The matte base is bedecked with polka dots at the top. The paint is allowed to dry first, and then, dots are painted on the top. One could use glossy polish as well for painting the dots. The same coloured dots too have great visual appearance.

Black And Gold

A combination of black and gold is also hot favourite among the females. A black matte nail is applied first. This is done in an elegant manner, and then, metallic gold lacquer is very gently applid to the tips of the nail. It is ensured that one gets the minimal design of gold in order to get the maximum effect of the combination.

Combination Of Matte And Chrome

The previous combination of black and gold is liked by many; however, for the ones looking for a greater contrast, there is always the option of applying chrome nail tape at the tips instead of applying the polish. This also looks graceful and pleasing to the eyes.

Embellished Flowers

One could also go for textured floral nails, wherein a mixture of regular polish, matte polish, and embellishments is applied. One starts, as usual, with a matte base, which is then followed by the process of drying it. Then, flower petals are painted in glossy hue. Crystal accents are then glued on each flower right at its center.

Matte Neon

In this case one starts with a base of neon orange. And then inverted ā€˜Vā€™ is added to each nail. Matte topcoat is then applied after the paint has dried.

Matte Pastel

Matte Pastel is also a contrasting, yet appealing design that one could select.

Minimal Half Moon

This is another negative design that one could wear. In this half moon of the nail is painted in matte black, while rest of the portion is left untouched. This design too is in vogue and liked by many.

Outlined Half Moon

This is just the reverse of the previous design. One starts with taping off the half moon first. This is followed by wearing the black matte polish, which is of course, allowed to dry first. The tape is then removed, and just the base of each nail is done in the same black matte colour.

Graphic Aztec Inspired

One could go for complex designs as well. In this case, one starts with taping off the half moon, but this is done in a triangular shape this time. Taupe matte polish is then painted and allowed to dry. One could then use thin brush in order to ensure the addition of the desired linear details in order to enhance the visual appearance of each nail.

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