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Acne Problems For Men

Picture Of A Man With Acne Problem

Acne does not only bother teenagers. Men who are way past their teens get the occasional breakout of pimples. Some men even get acne for the first time in their twenties.

Acne Problem With Men

Almost all men suffer a breakout on their skin. Almost 40% of men experience it in their twenties, 20% suffer in their thirties and 12% of men over forty suffer from this. For some men, it is a lot more persistent than others. With our daily hectic lifestyles, acne is becoming a lot more common in men. With eating unhealthy food and not taking care of our body, we tend to fall prey to this unrelenting skin problem.

Acne Treatment For Men

There are various treatment options available for acne. One of the common ways of treating it are using a face wash that contains benzyl peroxide of salicylic acid combined with tropical retinoid like adapalene. Most men commonly use oral retinoid and oral antibiotics to control this breakout. Many doctors, however, suggest usage of oral Isotretinoin. This can cause mood disturbance and taking this during a stressful period of life is not the best option. Isotretinoin has adverse side effects and is only prescribed by dermatologists and specialist doctors. Other general measures to treat acne include tropical creams and taking care of the skin. Men can also try steam facials, laser or light treatments, chemical peels, oral antibiotics, and spironolactone. Changing lifestyle can also benefit many men. Some treatments can take up to 4 weeks to have an effect hence men have to be a lot more patient.

Shaving With Acne

Shaving with an acne on your chin or cheeks can be extremely painful and tricky. Some tips to shave with acne are:

  • Use warm water coupled with a mild anti-bacterial cleanser. This will soften the skin and help open the pores.
  • Use a shaving oil or a shaving cream that contains tea tree oil. This will help your razor glide gently over your skin.
  • Try and shave in the direction of the hair growth. This will reduce irritation of hair follicles.
  • Once you are done shaving, always clean your face and remove all oil or any residue shaving cream that may have been left back on the surface. Leaving them on can cause the pores to get blocked.

If the acne breakout is extensive, it may be hard to shave over all the spots. Try not to shave too close and leave a short stumble so that it will not traumatize the spots.

Affecting Mental Health

While acne may not be life threatening, it can get frustrating and may make you feel depressed. Men do not have the option of using makeup to conceal their pimples. Since the spots are there for all to see, going out in public can get a little embarrassing. This makes men avoid going out and socializing. Always speak to your general practitioner about how you feel when you are getting your acne treated.

The Accursed Acne: Types And Treatment

Woman Worried About Acne

Acne has too aspects that are common to everyone that has them, irrespective of gender, race, and nationality. One that it happens no matter what you do and makes you conspicuous in a way you never want to be. The second aspect is its elusive treatment. Talking to anybody that suffers this problem will let you know that the said person is trying everything but to no avail of relief. Let us have a look at the most common type of acnes that have plagued us for long; the corresponding treatment tips should also help your quest for better acne management.

Of Congested Pores: Comedonal Acne

When skin pores get filled up with oil, dirt, dead skin cells and dust particles, an ideal environment for comedonal acne is created. They are usually in the forehead, nose and chin area, popularly touted as the T-area. It is all about being prone to this type of acne.

A prescription of retinoid usually does the trick to treat and prevent the comedonal acne. It enhances the rate of exfoliation and hence prevents clogging.

Of Heads And Bumps: Inflammatory Acne

A very common type of men acne, this acne originally starts as whiteheads, blackheads, and red bumps. They are a result of the body interacting with the clogged pores and follicles. This type is associated with infection and symptoms include painful burning-like sensation in the acne. Topical antibiotics do the trick for inflammatory acne. As do compounds like benzoyl peroxide. However, if the skin is too sensitive to these harsh treatments, then mild antibiotics can also be used, along with milder topical options like tea tree oil or salicylic acid.

Of Those That Leave Scars Behind: Cystic Acne

As the name suggests, this acne needs prompt attention and treatment that is aggressive, to begin with, so that maximum damage can be averted.

For the treatment of this acne, one has to devote at least half a year, which is, six months. The simple reason is that this type of acne has deeply rooted trigger points in the body, and it takes the time to figure that out and then adopt the necessary lifestyle changes. The commitment required is huge, and one has to be very, very patient when the treatment is in progress.

Of Hormonal Imbalances: Hormonal Onset Acne

This acne is the bane of woman’s existence when she is in her twenties and thirties. It can cause the best of the skins to become susceptible. Whenever there is an imbalance in the estrogen levels of a female body, this type of acne gets triggered. The key points of the occurrence of this acne are around the mouth, reaching up to the chin and neck sometimes.

A cheeky treatment is using birth control pills because they help to correct the disturbed levels of estrogen, but however, many dermatologists make this treatment analogous to burning your house to kill a mouse.  A better approach is to go for pills that block the testosterone production, which in turn keeps the estrogen in check.

Hope this article helps in your battle against acne. Be strong and fight it out!