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Top Ways Of Taking Care Of Dry Skin In Winter

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Our skin is vulnerable to lose its glow during winter when the weather is extremely harsh. The cold and dry air wreaks havoc on the skin as it takes away all the moisture from the skin. However, one could always avoid getting into trouble by picking up the right kind of skin products. Moreover, drinking plenty of fluids, and making it a point to use lukewarm water for baths are other great ways of tackling this problem of drying of the skin in winter.

Increase The Dose Of Moisturizer

One of the most common causes of occurrence of skin problem is inadequate knowledge about skincare. Rightly, most people are simply unaware of making appropriate changes in their skincare plan. For instance, there is a huge majority of people all over the world who never think of changing their skincare lotions or creams. They continue to use the same products, and expect miracles.

So, this implies that one definitely needs to enhance the dose of moisturizer. They need to do away with thin lotions they have been using, and instead go for thick ointments or creams that could help them keep the skin in proper health. Moreover, ointment must always be preferred by people who have extremely dry skin. This is because ointments, such as petroleum jelly, are found to be thickest moisturizer that one could buy from the market. Some people may find the jelly greasy; however, once it is applied to damp skin in a proper manner, one will find that greasiness is no longer an issue.

Similarly, using creams is also a great way of providing that dose of moisturizer that is required by the skin. And, in case the conditions are worse, then one must go for creams with AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acids, since they help in properly exfoliating the skin, and getting rid of the dead skin cells sitting on top of the skin.

Ensuring Protection Of Winter Complexion

Winter definitely requires additional attention, and application of some other skincare products to get the desired results. Hence, one must go for ‘non-comedogenic’ moisturizers as they never clog the pores or cause pimples.

Further, one must never forget to apply SPF formula in order to ensure protection of the skin from harmful radiations of the sun. So, a sunscreen with SPF 30 or more must be applied to keep the harmful UV radiations at bay.

Make Changes While Taking Bath

Sometimes simple steps can produce great results. And, this is truly applicable for one’s skin condition in winter, as little steps could help in protecting the skin. Similarly, if one limits the time meant for showers to less than 10 minutes, and apply the moisturizer right after taking bath then it could help them a lot. Moreover, avoiding soaps containing fragrance, deodorants, and alcohol could help in saving the natural oils of the skin.

Find Out Ways To Add Moisture

Besides the above mentioned points, there are some other ways of adding moisture. One could go for a humidifier in order to improve the level of moisture in the air. Furthermore, drinking plenty of fluids is another great way of preventing the skin from going dry.

Unearthing Greatest Skincare Trends Providing Great Results

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People are leading a chaotic and frenzied life nowadays. As a result they have to face the consequences of following stressful routine in their lives. Women are often seen to be inflicted with one skin problem or the other, the primary one being the occurrence of breakouts, which is a stark reminder that the germs are getting favourable grounds for breeding. So, there are some lapses in one’s skincare routine that are leading people to these problems. And, this is quite serious as women need to ensure higher level protection nowadays, rather than being careless in following a basic skincare routine. So, here are some of the greatest skincare trends that people are following nowadays, in addition to their basic skincare plans in order to get those great results that they have always craved for.

Higher Protection

In this intense and competitive environment everything is getting challenging. And, taking care of skin is no less than a challenge as well. We live in a polluted atmosphere nowadays as the air is completely affected by the harmful emissions from automobiles and factories. As a result, our skin suffers from these pollutants. So, there is a need to ensure higher protection and enhance one’s skincare plan. So, in addition to the basic SPF dose that one has been getting there is a need to include those anti-pollution products that could help in keeping these harmful pollutants at bay. So, the skincare creams that are loaded with plant extracts, Phytobotanicals, and Vitamin E and Vitamin C, etc. effectively add up another layer around the skin, which helps the skin in getting that necessary protection from harmful pollutants.

Whipped Products’ Re-emergence

Whipped products appeared in the past actually; but, they are in vogue nowadays as well. These products also ensure a bit higher protection for the skin. These products are loaded with butters, hyaluronic acid, essential oils, etc. that not only prevent the escape of moisture from the skin but also help in fighting the problem of aging effectively. Our skin gets those necessary ingredients that are required for looking healthy and beautiful. So, one must go for whipped products.

Emergence Of Beauty Wipes

Beauty wipes were introduced in order to make the process of removal of dirt or makeup effective. And, luckily, there have been a lot of improvements in these beauty wipes nowadays as people can now get great quality beauty wipes that are prepared in accordance with one’s skin type. Moreover, they are very soothing to the skin and do not cause any adverse reaction. This helps the skin in working effectively.

Importance Of Brushes In Skincare

Brushes are now in vogue, and they are quite effective in taking care of one’s skin as well. Quite often people are seen applying the products with their hands, which are often dirty. However, now they can use great quality brushes that can be used along with creams, moisturizers, toners, etc.

Fragrance Free Products

Finally, we have these most sought after fragrance free products in the market, which are specifically meant to address the issues of irritation, redness, etc that were faced by people with sensitive skin.

Unearthing Excellent Skincare Habits Followed By People With Faultless Skin

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There are a number of factors that could damage the skin including lethal UV rays, frequent environmental changes, and pollution, to name a few. Still, there are some people who manage to have completely faultless skin. They seem to have mastered certain skincare habits that enable them don scintillating appearance. So, even if people are extremely busy in their lives, they could simply follow these effective skincare tips in order to get faultless and healthy skin. Some of these skincare habits are listed here.

Eating Healthy Diet

Sometimes, small and determined efforts help one achieve their aim successfully. Similar is the case when it comes to taking effective care of the skin. Certain good habits that people form help them in taking effective care of their skin. And, eating healthy diet is one such factor that could bring about remarkable difference. So, one must always avoid processed food in their diet. Also, saying no to carbonated drinks will also help in getting clear skin. This is because excessive salt and sugar, respectively, in these two items can significantly affect the natural glow of the skin. So, one must go for such food items as vegetables, fruits, poultry products, fish, whole grains, etc. that contain plenty of omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins, etc. that are required for getting glowing skin.

Having Adequate Amount Of Sleep

Another great habit of people with faultless skin is that they always sleep for adequate amount of time. Moreover, they always try to have sound sleep. All this helps them in getting rid of wrinkles on the face and dark circles under their eyes. Moreover, skin requires time in order to rejuvenate itself during the night. So, this habit is very effective in getting flawless skin.

Keeping Hydrated

Another great thing people with flawless skin are seen doing is that they always ensure that they keep themselves hydrated. Water is instrumental in getting rid of harmful toxins from the body. So, one must drink plenty of water daily.

Always Wearing Sunscreen

Ensuring protection from the harmful UV radiations of the sun is a must in order to don perfectly clear and spotless skin. So, one must make sunscreen their friend as only sunscreen can prevent them from getting affected due to wrinkles, fine lines, acne, breakouts, and other major skin problems, like skin cancer. So, one needs to pay attention towards this aspect as well.

Using Cold Water To Wash The Skin

It is always advisable to follow a good skincare plan in order to maintain proper hygiene. However, excessive washing of the face must be avoided since take all the moisture away. Furthermore, splashing cold water really works since it helps in closing the pores, which in turn, protects the skin from problems like acne, etc.


Exfoliating the skin is a must to get rid of dry cells that lead to dryness and dullness. So, one must exfoliate at least twice in a week in order to get clear skin.

Cutting Off Stress

Stress basically leads to a surge in the level of stress hormone called Cortisol, which breaks down elastin and collagen of the skin. This makes one prone to certain problems like dullness, wrinkles, crow’s feet, etc. So, one must learn the art of managing stress properly.

Significant Beauty Rules To Adopt After Turning 25

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People generally take it for granted when it comes to adopting an impressive skincare routine during the early periods of their lives. However, this has negative effect on the skin, and they are seen grappling with the problem of early aging, etc. So, one must learn that the sooner one adopts a foolproof beauty care routine, the more there are the chances of looking youthful and vibrant for a long time in their lives. So, there are some significantly effective beauty rules that one must adopt as soon as they turn 25.

Removing Makeup

Makeup is very beneficial during the day; however, it is equally bad at night. So, all those people who have the general tendency of sleeping with their makeup on their face should realize that they are causing a lot of harm to their skin by doing this. So, one rule that one must adhere to is that the makeup is removed every night before going to bed.

Using Under Eye Cream

The area under the eyes is super-sensitive area, so, it demands equally great attention. Hence, one must make sure that they invest in a good under-eye cream to prevent the early signs of aging from appearing. It is basically the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, which are very embarrassing. So, one must apply a good eye cream, besides eating a well-balanced diet.


Cleansing the face is another fundamental rule that everyone must adopt, irrespective of their age. The primary requirement of the skin is to remain clean and ward off any dust, dirt, etc. So, cleansing the face is necessary. However, caution must be exercised here, since overdoing this activity could actually take away the moisture from the skin. Moreover, harsh cleansers too could cause irritation, itching, etc. So, apart from using it prudently one must also choose the cleanser carefully, and go for one that is mild.


Toning ensures that the pH balance of the skin is restored. Moreover, it tightens the skin, and provides it the necessary brightness. It is a good rule to be adopted overall, considering the immense benefits it has for the skin.

Never Touching The Skin

Well, this may sound a trivial step or a rule, but vowing not to touch the face frequently could one prevent the occurrence of such things as acne, breakouts, irritation, rashes, etc. This is because one is basically eliminating the exposure of the skin to germs and bacteria that are always present on hands.

Using Facials

Facials are a good thing actually for people of all ages. They provide the essential nutrients to the skin that are being lost daily due to one factor or the other. So, putting on facials could also be a good option. Moreover, one must go for homemade facials if they feel irritation from harmful facials available in the market.

Regularly Applying Moisturizer

Moisturizing the skin is a prime requirement. This is because in the absence of moisturizer the skin tends to become drier, and dry skin provides favourable ground for the occurrence of various skin problems, including rashes, wrinkles, fine lines, etc. which actually become more prominent as one advances in age. So, one must apply moisturizer regularly.

Highly Effective Skin Care Routine For Women Over The Age Of 30

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Skin is one of the most important organs of one’s body, since it is the significant external organ of the body; so, if one’s skin is not bright and radiant, or if it is affected with skin problems like acne, wrinkles, fine lines, etc. then this is definitely going to dent one’s confidence. And, quite contrary to this condition, if a person has glowing and supple skin, then they are automatically going to behave confidently while presenting themselves to others. So, there is of course, effective skin care routine for women over the age of 30, which, if followed earnestly, could go a long way in ensuring that the fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin problems don’t strike a person early.

Drinking Ample Amount Of Water

Women over the age of 30 need to increase the intake of water for sure. Taking adequate amounts of fluids helps in keeping the signs of ageing at bay. Moreover, the skin appears bright and beautiful as well.

Trying Best Quality Anti-Aging Masks

Anti-ageing face masks can improve the texture of the skin. So, one must try best quality anti-aging masks in the market. Or, the homemade ones are better sometimes as they contain no harmful chemicals. So, these masks must be applied at least twice in a week by women.

Exfoliating Regularly

Exfoliating regularly is the key to ensuring brilliant skin. This is because exfoliating sloughs off the layer of dead skin cells that prevents the passage of fresh oxygen to the inner skin cells. In the absence of exfoliation the dead skin cells wreak havoc on the skin, since they instigate a number of skin problems like acne, irritation, rashes, blackheads, whiteheads, etc.

Staying Healthy

Staying healthy ultimately affects the skin. One needs to ensure that they do regular exercises and remain alert regarding their diet. Basically, what goes inside the body determines how one appears. So, people going for deep-fried stuff or sugary substances are unfailingly going to grapple frequently with various skin problems like acne, blackheads, etc. So, one must choose a lot of fruits and vegetables in their diet, and exercise at least 5 times in a week for a minimum of 45 minutes.

Never Forgetting Sunscreen

UV rays from sun could prove damaging to the skin, as they not only lead to problems like acne, rashes, etc. but may even lead to skin cancer. So, one needs to ensure that they always wear the sunscreen whenever they go outside. And, if they are required to stay outside for a long time, then they must re-apply the skin every 2 to 3 hours in order to ensure protection from the sun.

Using Night Creams

Night creams are a must for women over 30. This is because these night creams give necessary nutrients that are required to nourish the skin. So, one could feel the difference after applying the night screen for several days since the skin would heal itself, and appear bright.

Keeping Skin Moisturized

Women in their 30s are vulnerable to getting flaky and dry skin; so, it is recommended that they stay hydrated all the time in order to ward off any signs of premature ageing.

Clinically Proven Tips To Prevent Aging Of Skin In 40s

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It has been scientifically proven that 40s are the periods when the skin wants utmost attention, especially for women since they began to experience significant hormonal changes in their body. The fact that 40s are the periods of pre-menopause- the period heralding the arrival of menopause, and it becomes absolutely essential for women to take extreme care of their skin. The level of Estrogen in their bodies drops significantly, thereby affecting the skin in a remarkable manner. The skin tends to lose its elasticity and thins out, making it all the more vulnerable to sag, especially in the region around the chest and the neck.

Moreover, with the advancement of age, the power of the body to retain moisture drops considerably. This makes the skin look uneven and dull. Apart from this, the cumulative effect of sun damage, poor lifestyle habits, and poor diet, etc. begin to have a toll on the body by the time one enters their 40s. So, it becomes imperative to follow certain tips to prevent further aging of the skin in the 40s. Some of the clinically proven tips to ensure this are:

Hydrate The Skin

Primarily, one should focus upon hydrating the skin. And, for this purpose, one should use the moisturizer containing Hyaluronic acid, which is a powerful ingredient that has strong affinity to water. One could also go for facial masks which also aid in providing hydration.

Brighten The Skin

The next step for preventing the aging of the skin is to ensure that one takes appropriate steps to brighten the skin. The first step is to remove the makeup prior to sleeping so as to facilitate the pores to get in fresh air. This helps the skin in repairing itself at night. Further, one could always go for toners and cleansers that have glycolic acid. This ingredient facilitates in the removal of the dead skin cells formed over the top most layer of the skin. One could also go for chemical peels to remove the dead cell layer of the skin. Exfoliating is the best option in this case, as it is the most effective method in ensuring a smoother and youthful skin, as it gets rid of the dead cells. Such an activity should be done at least twice in a week to get that buoyant skin.

Take Effective Care Of The Pimples

Acne is one of the most common skin problems faced by the women in their 40s. This is also attributed to the changes in the hormone in their body. So, one should go for creams that effectively remove the acnes, and help one get smoother skin.

Protect The Skin

Last, but not the least, the skin requires a great deal of protection in the 40s. The natural ability of the skin to fight against the opposing factors reduces exponentially and it is more vulnerable to get affected by the harmful radiations of the sun.  So, one should form the habit of always wearing the sunscreen with the SPF of minimum 30. Moreover, in order to ensure perfect protection from the sun, one must reapply the sunscreen every two hours in order to keep the harmful radiations of the sun at bay.