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Acne Problems For Men

Picture Of A Man With Acne Problem

Acne does not only bother teenagers. Men who are way past their teens get the occasional breakout of pimples. Some men even get acne for the first time in their twenties.

Acne Problem With Men

Almost all men suffer a breakout on their skin. Almost 40% of men experience it in their twenties, 20% suffer in their thirties and 12% of men over forty suffer from this. For some men, it is a lot more persistent than others. With our daily hectic lifestyles, acne is becoming a lot more common in men. With eating unhealthy food and not taking care of our body, we tend to fall prey to this unrelenting skin problem.

Acne Treatment For Men

There are various treatment options available for acne. One of the common ways of treating it are using a face wash that contains benzyl peroxide of salicylic acid combined with tropical retinoid like adapalene. Most men commonly use oral retinoid and oral antibiotics to control this breakout. Many doctors, however, suggest usage of oral Isotretinoin. This can cause mood disturbance and taking this during a stressful period of life is not the best option. Isotretinoin has adverse side effects and is only prescribed by dermatologists and specialist doctors. Other general measures to treat acne include tropical creams and taking care of the skin. Men can also try steam facials, laser or light treatments, chemical peels, oral antibiotics, and spironolactone. Changing lifestyle can also benefit many men. Some treatments can take up to 4 weeks to have an effect hence men have to be a lot more patient.

Shaving With Acne

Shaving with an acne on your chin or cheeks can be extremely painful and tricky. Some tips to shave with acne are:

  • Use warm water coupled with a mild anti-bacterial cleanser. This will soften the skin and help open the pores.
  • Use a shaving oil or a shaving cream that contains tea tree oil. This will help your razor glide gently over your skin.
  • Try and shave in the direction of the hair growth. This will reduce irritation of hair follicles.
  • Once you are done shaving, always clean your face and remove all oil or any residue shaving cream that may have been left back on the surface. Leaving them on can cause the pores to get blocked.

If the acne breakout is extensive, it may be hard to shave over all the spots. Try not to shave too close and leave a short stumble so that it will not traumatize the spots.

Affecting Mental Health

While acne may not be life threatening, it can get frustrating and may make you feel depressed. Men do not have the option of using makeup to conceal their pimples. Since the spots are there for all to see, going out in public can get a little embarrassing. This makes men avoid going out and socializing. Always speak to your general practitioner about how you feel when you are getting your acne treated.

The Accursed Acne: Types And Treatment

Woman Worried About Acne

Acne has too aspects that are common to everyone that has them, irrespective of gender, race, and nationality. One that it happens no matter what you do and makes you conspicuous in a way you never want to be. The second aspect is its elusive treatment. Talking to anybody that suffers this problem will let you know that the said person is trying everything but to no avail of relief. Let us have a look at the most common type of acnes that have plagued us for long; the corresponding treatment tips should also help your quest for better acne management.

Of Congested Pores: Comedonal Acne

When skin pores get filled up with oil, dirt, dead skin cells and dust particles, an ideal environment for comedonal acne is created. They are usually in the forehead, nose and chin area, popularly touted as the T-area. It is all about being prone to this type of acne.

A prescription of retinoid usually does the trick to treat and prevent the comedonal acne. It enhances the rate of exfoliation and hence prevents clogging.

Of Heads And Bumps: Inflammatory Acne

A very common type of men acne, this acne originally starts as whiteheads, blackheads, and red bumps. They are a result of the body interacting with the clogged pores and follicles. This type is associated with infection and symptoms include painful burning-like sensation in the acne. Topical antibiotics do the trick for inflammatory acne. As do compounds like benzoyl peroxide. However, if the skin is too sensitive to these harsh treatments, then mild antibiotics can also be used, along with milder topical options like tea tree oil or salicylic acid.

Of Those That Leave Scars Behind: Cystic Acne

As the name suggests, this acne needs prompt attention and treatment that is aggressive, to begin with, so that maximum damage can be averted.

For the treatment of this acne, one has to devote at least half a year, which is, six months. The simple reason is that this type of acne has deeply rooted trigger points in the body, and it takes the time to figure that out and then adopt the necessary lifestyle changes. The commitment required is huge, and one has to be very, very patient when the treatment is in progress.

Of Hormonal Imbalances: Hormonal Onset Acne

This acne is the bane of woman’s existence when she is in her twenties and thirties. It can cause the best of the skins to become susceptible. Whenever there is an imbalance in the estrogen levels of a female body, this type of acne gets triggered. The key points of the occurrence of this acne are around the mouth, reaching up to the chin and neck sometimes.

A cheeky treatment is using birth control pills because they help to correct the disturbed levels of estrogen, but however, many dermatologists make this treatment analogous to burning your house to kill a mouse.  A better approach is to go for pills that block the testosterone production, which in turn keeps the estrogen in check.

Hope this article helps in your battle against acne. Be strong and fight it out!

Fundamental And Mandatory Skin Care Tips For The People In 30s

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Most of the people have a carefree attitude when it comes to taking care of the skin; however, such a casual attitude may be tolerated by the skin when a person is below the age of 30 years, but after 30 years of age, the implications of the negligence towards the skin start to have a toll over a person’s skin. The skin becomes drier and is more prone to acnes. Moreover, sun spots and fine lines become predominant, and a person starts to appear older than his age. So, 30s call for more attention, and there are some fundamental and mandatory skin care tips for the people in 30s that can help them provide radiant and beautiful skin.

Using Moisturizer Daily

The first and foremost requirement towards ensuring the health of the skin is to use a moisturizer daily in order to reap multiple gains. To begin with, it keeps the skin in good health by ensuring its hydration. It provides the necessary antioxidants that ensure the destruction of the free radicals that are harmful for the collagen in the skin. Above all, it keeps the harmful UV radiations from the sun at bay.

Use Separate Eye Cream

As the area  around the eyes is sensitive, and thus more prone to getting affected from various illnesses of the skin, so, it is recommended that people go for a separate eye cream for the areas around  the eye. Only such a cream can prove really effective in protecting the delicate skin around the eyes.

Exfoliating At Regular Intervals

The process of exfoliation assumes a significant role in skin care when a person enters his 30s. One’s complexion starts to don a darker look in the 30s because the turnover of the skin cells starts slowing down.  Exfoliating restores the radiance of the skin by getting rid of the unwanted skin cells. Moreover, it is recommended that one should go for exfoliating cream that has glycolic or salicylic acid, since they not only provide a smoother skin but also prevent the occurrence of acnes.

Using Retinoids

Undoubtedly, vitamin A has been proved to be the most important element of getting a healthy skin because of its multiple benefits for the skin. Retinoids are basically Vitamin A derivatives which are efficient in providing a healthy skin by increasing the collagens in the skin, smoothening the fine lines, boosting the turnover of the skin cells, and by opening the pores of the skin that are blocked. However, caution must be exercised while using Retinoids, since some of them are extremely potent and are thus not allowed to be taken until the doctors prescribe them. Still, one could always go for milder Retinoids, but remember to use them sparingly so as to avoid the skin from getting irritation.

Be Wary Of Discoloration Of Skin

In their 30s people have less resistance to sunburns, etc. and the effects of sunburns or tans start to surface over the skin. So, one needs to be wary of the discoloration of the skin, like the formation of spots, etc. and take prompt steps to stop this from becoming prominent. For this one could go for a variety of relevant and effective treatments, including the use of creams which have niacinamide that brightens up the skin by the gradual fading of the dark spots on the skin.

Clinically Proven Tips To Prevent Aging Of Skin In 40s

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It has been scientifically proven that 40s are the periods when the skin wants utmost attention, especially for women since they began to experience significant hormonal changes in their body. The fact that 40s are the periods of pre-menopause- the period heralding the arrival of menopause, and it becomes absolutely essential for women to take extreme care of their skin. The level of Estrogen in their bodies drops significantly, thereby affecting the skin in a remarkable manner. The skin tends to lose its elasticity and thins out, making it all the more vulnerable to sag, especially in the region around the chest and the neck.

Moreover, with the advancement of age, the power of the body to retain moisture drops considerably. This makes the skin look uneven and dull. Apart from this, the cumulative effect of sun damage, poor lifestyle habits, and poor diet, etc. begin to have a toll on the body by the time one enters their 40s. So, it becomes imperative to follow certain tips to prevent further aging of the skin in the 40s. Some of the clinically proven tips to ensure this are:

Hydrate The Skin

Primarily, one should focus upon hydrating the skin. And, for this purpose, one should use the moisturizer containing Hyaluronic acid, which is a powerful ingredient that has strong affinity to water. One could also go for facial masks which also aid in providing hydration.

Brighten The Skin

The next step for preventing the aging of the skin is to ensure that one takes appropriate steps to brighten the skin. The first step is to remove the makeup prior to sleeping so as to facilitate the pores to get in fresh air. This helps the skin in repairing itself at night. Further, one could always go for toners and cleansers that have glycolic acid. This ingredient facilitates in the removal of the dead skin cells formed over the top most layer of the skin. One could also go for chemical peels to remove the dead cell layer of the skin. Exfoliating is the best option in this case, as it is the most effective method in ensuring a smoother and youthful skin, as it gets rid of the dead cells. Such an activity should be done at least twice in a week to get that buoyant skin.

Take Effective Care Of The Pimples

Acne is one of the most common skin problems faced by the women in their 40s. This is also attributed to the changes in the hormone in their body. So, one should go for creams that effectively remove the acnes, and help one get smoother skin.

Protect The Skin

Last, but not the least, the skin requires a great deal of protection in the 40s. The natural ability of the skin to fight against the opposing factors reduces exponentially and it is more vulnerable to get affected by the harmful radiations of the sun.  So, one should form the habit of always wearing the sunscreen with the SPF of minimum 30. Moreover, in order to ensure perfect protection from the sun, one must reapply the sunscreen every two hours in order to keep the harmful radiations of the sun at bay.

Effective Anti-Aging Rules That Are Must For Skin Lovers To Follow

Woman Blocking Sun By Her Umbrella

People are fond of their skin since this organ represents them in front of others. Though there are several other important organs in one’s body, the largest organ, that is the skin, is very dear to people since it is an external organ. In fact, people’s level of confidence is directly proportion to how they appear to others. So, considering the importance of this vital organ of one’s body,  there need to be certain rules that one must adhere to religiously in order to protect this organ from catching certain diseases and harmful conditions. So, there are certain rules that one must remember in order to take the best care of skin. Some of these rules are:

Cleaning The Skin- First Thing In Morning

Cleaning the skin properly should form the first step in one’s morning ritual. However, one must remember that a strong cleanser will simply strip one’s skin. So, it is always advocated that one go for the mild cleanser while cleaning the skin. Moreover, one must remember the golden rule of going for oil-free cleansers, especially if they have the vulnerability to catch acne.

Putting On A Sunscreen

Blocking off the harmful radiations of the sun from entering into the skin is a preliminary step to ensure the good health of the skin. So, putting on a sunscreen is a must in the morning. Moreover, the level of SPF should be adequate as well. Also, one must ensure that SPF is put on before one goes for makeup.

Moisturizing Regularly

Moisturizing the skin is the next rule to be adopted. Further, the amount of moisturizer to be put depends upon the dryness of one’s skin. One can always go for natural moisturizers like coconut oil.

Remember The Order

Another rule while applying various products is to always remember the order- the order of treating the skin with various products. In this regards, one must always begin by cleansing the skin. This should be followed with the application of serum and sunblock. Moisturizers should always be put on at the end of these processes.

Clear Myths About Tanning

Whereas majority of people like sunbaths and tanned skin, however, the fact is tans are never beneficial for the skin. These are a clear indication that one’s DNA is becoming more prone to breakdown, and is in fact breaking down frequently.


Exfoliating the skin is must in order to eliminate the dead cells. It is important that one gets rid of them since they are the culprits which mar the beauty of the skin. They don’t allow the skin to get in fresh air. They certainly block the passage of fresh air to the skin. So, it is imperative to remove these dead cells and give a chance to the new cells to emerge. Skin becomes healthy, vigorous, youthful and supple as soon as the new cells appear.

Avoid Stressful Routine And Take Balanced Diet

Apart from applying various serums, etc. one must pay equal attention towards the lifestyle they follow. One must never take undue stress as it simply proves detrimental for the skin. Further, taking a balanced diet ensures that one is taking essential nutrients like Vitamin A, Niacinamin, essential fatty acids, etc. that are required by the skin to remain young and cheerful.

9 Proven Techniques To Get The Gorgeous Skin

Woman Posing Doing Makeup

In this hectic and competitive life people find themselves aging well before their age. This causes them to lose confidence in their abilities. As a result, they end up spending huge amount of money on various skin care products; however, the results are still dismal. This is because people don’t either choose the products in accordance with the requirements of their skin, or they simply don’t apply the products as recommended. So, it is mandatory to understand about the requirements of the skin so as to pick up the best product or the skin. There are some proven and tested techniques that can help one get the gorgeous skin that they have always been craving for. These techniques are

Go For Facial Massage

Well, one of the foremost steps to ensure a healthy skin is to ensure that one is doing the facial massage regularly. Regular massaging opens the pores of the skin and maintains the suppleness of the skin as well.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Well, skin must be hydrated from inside out in order to ensure its beauty and natural health. So, one must always intake plenty of water as it hydrates the skin naturally. So, apart from using various products, one must focus towards taking the recommended amount of water daily.

Avoid Hot Water Baths

Well, though hot water baths appear to be the best alternatives to keep the chilling winters at bay, still, one must always learn that these hot water baths are detrimental for the skin since they leave it completely dried. So, only tepid water should be used for taking baths in order to preserve the wetness of the skin.

Don’t Forget Neck, Hands and Chest

Well, while one is completely focussing upon their face, it is important to learn that the surrounding areas of the face, including hands, chest, and neck are equally important to be taken care of since they also experience the process of aging very soon. These areas are vulnerable to the exposure from sun. So, one must always apply sunscreen, moisturizers, etc. to these areas as well.

Exfoliate The Skin

It is always recommended to exfoliate the skin two times in a week. This rejuvenates the skin.

Go For Hydrocortisone If Required

Well, one must always apply hydrocortisone if required in order to curb the swelling. This cream is anti-inflammatory skin that protects the skin from swelling, redness, etc. So, this cream should be used whenever one experiences the occurrence of such extreme conditions of skin.

Avoid Rubbing The Eyes

Well, eyes and the portion around the eyes are very sensitive areas. So, one must never rub their eyes harshly as this could lead to permanent destruction of the area around the eyes. So, caution must be exercised while dealing with this sensitive area.

Take Hints From The Condition Of Lips

Well, lips are the first organ of the body that feel the dryness prior to other parts of the body. So, as soon as one experiencing the drying of their lips, they must gear up to start the procedure of taking appropriate care of their skin.

Always Have Diet Rich In Fatty Acids

One must always choose the diet that is rich in essential nutrients including the fatty acids that are required for maintaining the glow of the skin.

Significant Tips To Keep Summer Acne At Bay

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Summers give us a chance to step out of our homes and go out for outings and picnics, most of us like lying down by the side of the sea on a beach in order to enjoy sun bath. However, while we are excited about enjoying in the summers we must never forget that we must keep care of our skin and prevent it from various problems, including the most common problems of getting affected with acne. So, an understanding about how this problem occurs in the first place followed by significant tips to avoid the occurrence of acne will ensure that we are doing our best to ward it off from our life.

The Occurrence Of Acnes In Summers

The occurrence of acnes is a common phenomenon that is observed in most of the people in summers. Acnes occur because we come in direct contact of the sun while enjoying sun bathing. On the top of it, the matters are made worse when we apply various sunscreens which are not suitable for our skin. For example, the application of sunscreens that have more quantity of oils on oily skin is a deadly combination since it enhances the level of oil on the skin, thereby leading to the blocking of the pores from which skin breathes. This forms the breeding ground for the acnes to develop.

So, there are some simple tips that we must follow in order to avoid acnes from forming. Some of these are:

Avoiding Food Causing Acnes

First and foremost, we must focus upon what goes inside our body since its effects definitely show up outside our body on the skin. So, sugary substances like chocolates, cakes, breads, fried foods, etc. must be avoided for refined carbohydrates are the main culprit that leads to the occurrence of acnes. Similarly, sea food like Seaweed, fatty fish, etc. should also be avoided.

Include A Lot Of Fibre Containing Food

Secondly, in order to ensure that acnes are kept at bay one must always go for fibre rich food including vegetables, fruits, etc. which have a lot of roughage. This roughage enables the undigested food to pass out from the body easily. Also, one must avoid oily food and meat, and go for eating boiled food. All this helps in preventing skin from forming acnes.

Taking Appropriate Supplements In Worst Conditions

Also, in some cases, the conditions of women particularly, can exacerbate in intense heat. So, it is advisable that they take supplements which provide them essential nutrients which are good for the skin. So, after consulting their doctors the women should try and include supplements offering them the desired quantities of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium, Zinc, Vitamin B6 daily.

Following A Strict Regimen

Last but not the least, the thing that could help one keep the acne away is a strict routine of cleansing the skin regularly. One must always have cotton with them while going out in order to wipe out the sweat that occurs on the face. Moreover, face must be properly washed 4-5 times a day and proper moisturizer should be applied. Apart from this, exfoliation of the skin must be done twice in a week in order to ensure that the pores of the skin are giving a chance to breathe in fresh air. So, the dead skin cells should be knocked down regularly.

Some Tips In Taking Care of Oily Skin

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Having an oily face is really a headache especially during that time of the year when the beaches are most crowded. This is the time when applying makeup is very crucial. One mistake and the whole thing’s messed up. The key for achieving a desirable look during summer despite of having an oily face is to seek to natural and refreshing makeup. Just imagine going outside with melted make up and a super oily face to the point that the face looks like a walking disco ball.

But don’t ever forget acing the basics of taking care of the skin. These apply to every type of skin but there are few variations when it comes to people with oily face. Before even thinking of applying makeup, prepare the skin first and protect it from the harsh and dangerous sunlight.

Here are some tips that might help people with oily face to have a better and worry-free summer.

Choosing the Right Moisturizer Matters

There is a myth that moisturizer makes the skin even oilier and so, people with oily skin should avoid using it. But that isn’t called a myth for no reason. The truth is, moisturizing the skin can even remove excess oil produced by the glands of the skin. The key is to choose the right moisturizer to suit the type of skin and to achieve a more desirable result. Water-based moisturizers are best suited with oily skin because it is quickly absorbed by the skin.

Avoid Cleansing Too Much

People think that cleansing excessively will probably result to a more healthy and glowing skin. But contrary to that, using too much cleanser is bad for the skin. When cleansing face’s skin, the dirt particles and excess oils are removed. On the other hand, using too much of it will result to more excessive oil because the natural moisture of the skin is stolen and the skin tends to produce more oil. Also, it is better to go for mild cleanser because some skin care products such as cleanser contain ingredients that are naturally harsh for the skin, so avoid those kinds of products.

Using Face Mask Might Also Reduce Oiliness

Nothing is more important for a person with oily face than to have control over the grease level of the skin. Using face mask might help in maintaining the right level of greasiness of the face. During summer, where the sun is at its most dangerous state, it is better to lower the level of oiliness of the skin. No one wants a greasy skin so avoid face masks that promotes greasiness to the skin. There are some face packs/masks that are especially made for oily skin. These products might also help in treating acne, blackheads and large pores. Use face mask at least twice a week.

Exfoliate Once In A While

It is important to remove dead skin cells because they block the skin that results to rapid production of oil and in turn, results to acne. Also, when dead skin cells are stuck on the surface of the skin, they make the skin look older. Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.

Otherwise Dreaded Foods That Are Good For Health In Actuality

Woman Posing Holding Coffee Mug

There are a wide range of foods that one is warned not to eat, and when people eat those foods they have a gnawing feeling of guilt that they harbour for a long time. In fact, there is a wide range of such dreaded food that could make people repent after eating it; however, the facts reveal how such seemingly dreadful foods are good for the health in actuality. So, one should have their basics clear about these foods in order to avoid getting depressed after eating these foods the next time.  Some of these foods include:


One is always cautioned about their daily intake of dairy products, so much so, that they are told to avoid such dairy products altogether in their diet in order to avoid taking the unnecessary amounts of fat. However, the research has now proved that certain kinds of cheese like Cheddar cheese not only have less fat content but have high content of zinc and calcium which make them the best food for bones as well as the immune system of the body. Apart from this Cheese also facilitates in cleaning the residual food left over in the mouth and thus helps in cleaning the mouth. So, it is good for the dental health as well. So, when eaten in moderation, Cheese can provide one with incredible health benefits.


People are always cautioned of not taking too much coffee in their diets since it is associated with innumerable diseases including nervousness, insomnia, stomach upset, restlessness, vomiting, nausea, increased pulse rate, etc. So, people always try to keep away from even consuming coffee and revert to green tea and such alternatives in their diet.

However, one could reap a number of benefits if they intake a limited portion of coffee in their diet daily. Firstly, regular and controlled intake of coffee ensures that one keeps the Parkinson’s disease at bay. Not only this, the chance of getting affected with Type 2 diabetes is also reduced. Besides, it is very good ingredient for the most significant organ of the body that is brain, since it facilitates in improving one’s memory, mood and energy levels. It enhances one’s alertness level as well.

Whole Diary Products

In the scenario where everyone is running after the skimmed milk in order to avoid getting too much fat in their diet, there are other studies which have proved that this skimmed milk doesn’t contain the desired levels of Vitamin D and Vitamin A. So, there is no harm in taking a limited amount of Whole dairy products in one’s diet in order to ensure that one gets the requisite levels of Vitamin D and Vitamin A in their diet.

Dark Chocolate

The recurrent results of the studies warn the people against taking chocolate since it is high in calories and fat; however, moderate consumption of dark chocolate rich in cocoa is instrumental in reducing Cortisol, a stress hormone that makes one depressed. Not only this, it enhances the level of Serotonin that makes one feel good. So, the inclusion of dark chocolate is actually beneficial for the people.

7 Easy Ways To Get Perfect Skin

Woman Posing Relaxed With Her Skin

Your face is a doorway to your personality. Healthy, smooth and blemish free skin with a glowing complexion is the ultimate dream of every woman. However, you can also not ignore the fact that your face is continuously exposed to the ever changing environmental effects. Thus, you should take good care of it. Here are some easy tips to help you in obtaining fabulous and rosy skin.

Take Care Of Your Face

Taking care of your face is easy. These few simple tips are not only easy to implement but are also cheap. These pointers are easy enough to follow even with a hectic schedule.

  • Scrub, Cleanse And Clarify

Many of the common skin problems arise due to your negligence in keeping your face clean. Using good quality cleansing products is as important as cleansing your face. Develop a routine to cleanse and scrub with an optimal product. Using synthetic or organic product is a matter of personal choice and skin sensitivity.

  • Don’t Mess With Your Face

Acne and zits can be quite distressing. Popping pimples or leaning your face on your hands can intensify the acne problem. The dirt and oils on your hands can clog your skin and cause blemishes. The best way to deal with pimples is to leave them alone and change your pillow cases often, as oils linger on pillows and can snag your face during the night.

  • Screen Yourself From The Sun

UV rays can cause wrinkles and dark spots. The best way to protect yourself from sun is to wear clothing such as hats that can provide shade. Use a good quality sun block before going out so as to shield your face from the harmful effects of radiation.

  • Water Is Life

Nutritionists recommend drinking eight glasses of water per day. Water is the essential source of hydration which helps body in carrying out various metabolic functions. Water helps in removing excess oil and wastes from the body.

  • Plump Up Your Lips

Lips are probably the most ignored part of the face. Chapped lips can easily be rejuvenated with a simple home remedy. Moisturize them with a simple solution of sugar and water. Also too much use of chap sticks can get your lips addicted to them and will rob your lips from their ability to naturally produce chemicals that heal chapped lips.

  • Tend To Your Facial Hair

Trimming and tending to your facial hairs gives you a cleaner and neater look. It is possible to tend to the hairs on your upper lips and chin by yourself. However, you will have to meet up with a professional to get your eyebrows done. Whether you wish to wax them or pluck, is your own choice.

  • Moisturize Your Skin

Your skin needs moisture to stay healthy and firm, especially if you have dry skin. Gently rub in the moisturizer on your face to obtain rosy and glowing skin. You can either use oil based commercial products or make your own moisturizer at home by mixing honey, olive oil and sugar.