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Top Ways Of Taking Care Of Dry Skin In Winter

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Our skin is vulnerable to lose its glow during winter when the weather is extremely harsh. The cold and dry air wreaks havoc on the skin as it takes away all the moisture from the skin. However, one could always avoid getting into trouble by picking up the right kind of skin products. Moreover, drinking plenty of fluids, and making it a point to use lukewarm water for baths are other great ways of tackling this problem of drying of the skin in winter.

Increase The Dose Of Moisturizer

One of the most common causes of occurrence of skin problem is inadequate knowledge about skincare. Rightly, most people are simply unaware of making appropriate changes in their skincare plan. For instance, there is a huge majority of people all over the world who never think of changing their skincare lotions or creams. They continue to use the same products, and expect miracles.

So, this implies that one definitely needs to enhance the dose of moisturizer. They need to do away with thin lotions they have been using, and instead go for thick ointments or creams that could help them keep the skin in proper health. Moreover, ointment must always be preferred by people who have extremely dry skin. This is because ointments, such as petroleum jelly, are found to be thickest moisturizer that one could buy from the market. Some people may find the jelly greasy; however, once it is applied to damp skin in a proper manner, one will find that greasiness is no longer an issue.

Similarly, using creams is also a great way of providing that dose of moisturizer that is required by the skin. And, in case the conditions are worse, then one must go for creams with AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acids, since they help in properly exfoliating the skin, and getting rid of the dead skin cells sitting on top of the skin.

Ensuring Protection Of Winter Complexion

Winter definitely requires additional attention, and application of some other skincare products to get the desired results. Hence, one must go for ‘non-comedogenic’ moisturizers as they never clog the pores or cause pimples.

Further, one must never forget to apply SPF formula in order to ensure protection of the skin from harmful radiations of the sun. So, a sunscreen with SPF 30 or more must be applied to keep the harmful UV radiations at bay.

Make Changes While Taking Bath

Sometimes simple steps can produce great results. And, this is truly applicable for one’s skin condition in winter, as little steps could help in protecting the skin. Similarly, if one limits the time meant for showers to less than 10 minutes, and apply the moisturizer right after taking bath then it could help them a lot. Moreover, avoiding soaps containing fragrance, deodorants, and alcohol could help in saving the natural oils of the skin.

Find Out Ways To Add Moisture

Besides the above mentioned points, there are some other ways of adding moisture. One could go for a humidifier in order to improve the level of moisture in the air. Furthermore, drinking plenty of fluids is another great way of preventing the skin from going dry.

Things To Know About The Skin In One’s 20s

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Taking care of the skin is never a cakewalk. And, while women are always looking for the products that could help them don that amazing appearance, their attention must be diverted to some other equally important aspects of skincare. And, knowing about one’s skin and some other requirements of the skin is also important in this regards. That is, knowledge about how one’s skin reacts to the environmental conditions is very important. Moreover, the earlier one gains this knowledge the better it is for them to take impressive care of their skin. So, here are some of the things that a woman must know about their skin in their twenties.

Sun Always Plays A Spoilsport

Now, women are always carefree in their teen years. They seem to be unmindful of all the things in their life, besides their friends and studies, and luckily, their skin supports them during these years. However, as they advance in age and enter into their twenties the natural resistance of the skin decreases slowly as women become vulnerable and prone to getting affected from various skin problems. The natural immunity of the body to ward off harmful radiations of the sun stars diminishing, and the rays of the sun start to affect the skin.

So, women must make it a point to wear sunscreen without fail. Besides, a sunscreen with SPF of minimum 30 is required to be worn. Also, women may need to re-apply sunscreen often in case they are out in the sun for a long time. So, all these things must be kept in mind at this stage of one’s life.

Tanning Beds Are Equally Harmful

Women are crazy about the tanning beds as they see the tanned skin of their friends and want to have that crazy appearance. However, opting for tanning beds is equally harmful as exposing one’s skin to sun. It is basically asking for trouble. So, one must keep away from tanning beds in order to avoid troubles.

Cigarettes Are Damaging

Another great culprit for the skin is cigarette. Most of the women in their 20s try their hands at this activity as they find it enjoyable. However, there is no fun and excitement in smoking since one has to bear the cost of it. The skin around the lips starts becoming dull and the dreadful aspects is that this damage is almost irreparable. So, one must quit smoking the moment they start it, or not start it at the first place.

Don’t Panic After Seeing Acne

Another thing women need to keep in mind is that they need not adopt a frenzied approach after seeing the acne. This is because acne is normal in this case. So, one should keep on using gentle cleansers as well as gentle exfoliators, since harsh ones could do more harm than good.

Alcohol Is Harmful Too

Another thing to keep in mind is that alcohol is equally damaging to the skin, since it significantly dehydrates the skin. So, one must avoid drinking alcohol.


Exfoliating regularly is a golden technique that would always help the women don that glowing appearance that they have always craved for.

Unearthing Great Ways Of Bracing Winters Gracefully

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Winter season wreaks havoc on one’s skin, since our body is not able to retain the moisture in winters. This is because of the ubiquitous dryness in the air. Furthermore, people’s craze of taking hot shower baths, and sitting beside the heater are other factors that lead to drying of the skin. Dry skin is even more vulnerable to itching, breakouts, redness, etc. So, some women always find it difficult to manage their skin effectively. However, there are certain ways that could help one brace winters gracefully. These people can actually winter-proof their skin by adopting certain proven ways of keeping these problems at bay. Some of these great techniques are listed here.

Drink Water

First and foremost thing that a person needs to ensure is that they have to drink plenty of water. This is to be done to ensure that the body keeps hydrated from within. This has effect on one’s skin as well, since it becomes moist then. Otherwise, the appearance of cracked and dry skin is a common phenomenon in winters.

Minimize Redness

The occurrence of red spots on body during the winter season is also commonly seen in people. These red spots are mainly due to the excessive exposure to heat in winter. People are crazy for getting closer to the heater in order to make sure they are cozy and warm. However, this craze takes a heavy toll on the skin, as red spots continue to appear on the skin. So, one must avoid sleeping in a room with heater on. This is because they are invariably going to get burnt complexion then.

Never Forget To Wear Moisturizer

Moisturizer is the saviour that is going to prevent the people from getting affected by the harmful effects of dryness. One must always apply good quality moisturizer several times during the day in order to get that smooth and bright skin. The skin becomes drier in winter since the air is dry. This may lead to a number of skin problems. However, the potential problems can be prevented by wearing moisturizer, and replenishing it regularly to give proper dose of moisture to the skin.

Avoid Certain Products

Now, one of the most fundamental aspects that women fail to take into consideration is that they need to mould their skincare plan in accordance with change in seasons. So, with the arrival of winter season, they need to make certain changes in their routine as well. And, one of the pivotal changes that they need to make is to say no to certain products like deodorant soaps, or deodorants as they contain such harsh ingredients as fragrance, alcohol, and alpha-hydroxy acids. These ingredients are never good for the skin in winter, as they get rid of the natural oils of the skin. Moreover, the quantity of oil is already diminished in winters. So, this has unimaginable negative effects on the skin.

Never Skip Sunscreen

Although, one has to say no to certain products in winter, one can never think of skipping sunscreen. So, it must be worn without fail in all the season.

Exfoliation Is A Must Too

Another great thing to ensure in all the seasons is exfoliation. This is required to get rid of flakes and unwanted cells on the surface of the skin.

Significant Beauty Rules To Adopt After Turning 25

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People generally take it for granted when it comes to adopting an impressive skincare routine during the early periods of their lives. However, this has negative effect on the skin, and they are seen grappling with the problem of early aging, etc. So, one must learn that the sooner one adopts a foolproof beauty care routine, the more there are the chances of looking youthful and vibrant for a long time in their lives. So, there are some significantly effective beauty rules that one must adopt as soon as they turn 25.

Removing Makeup

Makeup is very beneficial during the day; however, it is equally bad at night. So, all those people who have the general tendency of sleeping with their makeup on their face should realize that they are causing a lot of harm to their skin by doing this. So, one rule that one must adhere to is that the makeup is removed every night before going to bed.

Using Under Eye Cream

The area under the eyes is super-sensitive area, so, it demands equally great attention. Hence, one must make sure that they invest in a good under-eye cream to prevent the early signs of aging from appearing. It is basically the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, which are very embarrassing. So, one must apply a good eye cream, besides eating a well-balanced diet.


Cleansing the face is another fundamental rule that everyone must adopt, irrespective of their age. The primary requirement of the skin is to remain clean and ward off any dust, dirt, etc. So, cleansing the face is necessary. However, caution must be exercised here, since overdoing this activity could actually take away the moisture from the skin. Moreover, harsh cleansers too could cause irritation, itching, etc. So, apart from using it prudently one must also choose the cleanser carefully, and go for one that is mild.


Toning ensures that the pH balance of the skin is restored. Moreover, it tightens the skin, and provides it the necessary brightness. It is a good rule to be adopted overall, considering the immense benefits it has for the skin.

Never Touching The Skin

Well, this may sound a trivial step or a rule, but vowing not to touch the face frequently could one prevent the occurrence of such things as acne, breakouts, irritation, rashes, etc. This is because one is basically eliminating the exposure of the skin to germs and bacteria that are always present on hands.

Using Facials

Facials are a good thing actually for people of all ages. They provide the essential nutrients to the skin that are being lost daily due to one factor or the other. So, putting on facials could also be a good option. Moreover, one must go for homemade facials if they feel irritation from harmful facials available in the market.

Regularly Applying Moisturizer

Moisturizing the skin is a prime requirement. This is because in the absence of moisturizer the skin tends to become drier, and dry skin provides favourable ground for the occurrence of various skin problems, including rashes, wrinkles, fine lines, etc. which actually become more prominent as one advances in age. So, one must apply moisturizer regularly.

Valuable Tips To Take Effective Care Of Lips In Monsoon

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It is often seen that one tends to take their lips for granted while making every strenuous effort to ensure the appearance of glowing skin. However, chapped and cracked lips could completely change the appearance of a person, even if they don a healthy and glowing skin. Moreover, bleeding lips could also be a cause of concern for people as apart from being embarrassing it could be quite painful as well. So, it becomes pivotal to take effective care of the lips, especially during monsoon when the air is humid as it gives the lips pale and dull appearance. So, one need to avoid using loud and creamy colours in this case and go for other colours like tangerine tangy, fuchsia pink, wooden brown, etc. Apart from this, there are some other tips that could help one take effective care of the lips in monsoon.

Scrub Well

Exfoliation forms the primary step in the lip care routine. Dirt and dead cells that get accumulated on the lips need to be removed regularly in order to provide ample opportunities for the lips to take in fresh air. Moreover, one must always avoid the use of harsh scrubber and go for soft ones like petroleum jelly as lips tend to be very sensitive organ of the body.

Keep Hydrated From Within

Hydrating the body from within is pivotal in order to ensure that the toxins and other harmful things are removed from the lips and skin effectively. So, one should always drink plenty of water. Detox drinks and fruit juices are also recommended to achieve this target.

Massage The Lips

Massaging the lips is mandatory to provide the lips that natural shine and glow. So, they need to be massaged gently with the help of natural ingredients like olive oil, butter, etc. One should avoid using harsh chemicals so as to avoid any harmful impact on the lips.

Keep The Lips Moisturized

It becomes indispensable to ensure that the lips are properly moisturized with the help of various products like lip balms, petroleum jelly, olive oil, etc. This is because dry lips not only look embarrassing but also cause a lot of pain. So, regular application of these products would ensure that one prevent the occurrence of cracked lips.

Go For Natural Moisturizer

Again, the need for using natural moisturizer is mandatory as chemicals can wreak havoc on the skin. So, butter, ghee, olive oil, almond oil, cocoa butter, honey, etc. should be gently applied and massaged on the skin for intensive care.

Take A Healthy Diet

Taking a healthy diet could also ensure that the lips remain in good health. So, one must always eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Moreover, in order to avoid any infection in monsoon season one must avoid eating roadside food. Also, oily and spicy food should also be avoided.

Quit Smoking

The conspicuous pale patches on the skin are due to smoking. So, in order to get glowing lips one must quit smoking as soon as possible, and without doing this, all the other methods of lip care are going to prove ineffective.

Never Forget To Remove Lipstick At Night

The chemicals in the lipstick can wreak havoc if they are allowed to stay on the lips for long. So, removing the lipstick at night is important to avoid the occurrence of chapped lips.



A beautiful, healthy glow comes from the inside. These nuts, seeds, and spices are so easy to incorporate into your daily life, there’s no reason not to start. You can start improving your immune system, skin, and overall health by munching on a few of these.


Almonds are nutrition powerhouses that pack a punch of vitamins and minerals. They are full of copper, iron, magnesium, and zinc, which all help your body hold onto hydration, boost your immunity, and encourage a glow. Skin looks more supple and tightened. Vitamin E boosts skin’s elasticity, making it look softer and more firm.


This bright yellow spice has been used in traditional Eastern medicine for thousands of years. It is said to be a detoxifying agent that reduces skin inflammation and oxidization. It is effective when ingested or applied topically to the skin. To use topically, make a paste of turmeric and milk and allow to sit on the face for 10 minutes before gently rinsing off.


Garlic is one of nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatory agents. It has been shown to reduce the signs of aging by reducing the degeneration rate of collagen. Garlic works best when sugar in the diet is reduced.


This pepper is rich in Vitamin C, an essential component in collagen maintenance. The compound that makes the pepper spicy, capsaicin, increases blood flow to the skin, providing a natural glow. It also works to compact oxidation, and therefore, reduces premature aging and uneven tone and texture.


Black pepper is a powerful antioxidant and antibacterial agent. It helps to support your immunity and prevent skin from aging.


Ginger is another ingredient that has been used for centuries to help restore bodily health. It helps digestive issues, nausea, and inflammation. It has been shown to detoxify the body and flush out toxins, preventing breakouts. Ginger can be added to smoothies for an unexpected zip.

  1. HERBS

Everything from parsley to mint can support overall health. Fresh herbs, in particular, are packed with Vitamin K, which improves the quality of blood. They are also powerful antioxidants that support the regeneration of skin following damage.


Pumpkin seeds are nutty and flavorful, and are highly concentrated with copper, iron, and magnesium. These minerals aid in immunity health and superior body functioning. Try eating pumpkin seeds with some salt and garlic power for a satisfying snack.


These tiny red berries are chocked full of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron, and fiber. They are high in antioxidants, and help slow the aging process. The vitamins and minerals allow the skin to regenerate more effectively when damaged. They can be easily blended into smoothies oatmeal.


Acai berries pack 10 times the antioxidant elements as grape and are full of iron, fiber, and Vitamin A. These little berries can help tighten skin and minimize the visible signs of aging. Acai berries work well anywhere you might normally use blueberries.

Woman with beautiful skin


You can’t stop the ticking of the clock that’s taking you closer to skin aging with every passing second but you can delay your skin aging with a myriad of anti-aging products that claim to keep your youthful glow stay there for long.

If you are in your 20s, it’s that time of your life when everything is at its best and you enjoy the peak of youthfulness. More than anything else it is important to enjoy this phase to the fullest and make the most of what you have.

With a wide of range of skin treatments available, including injectables and fillers done by experienced dermatologists, getting a skin to boast of is not tough to achieve. But regardless of whether you have fair or dusky complexion, oily or dry skin, it is important to ensure that your skin enjoys internal health that shows on the outside.


Acne is usually a teen problem but  there are many men and women in their 20s and 30s who may still have to worry about ugly zits appearing on the face just before an important meeting or date. So, what causes acne post 20? Well, it must be remembered that hormones alone do not cause skin breakouts, and other reasons responsible for this may include smoking, drinking, and spending sleepless nights, too much of stress, etc. To treat mild breakouts, you may use salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide topically on the affected area. For severe ones, it is suggested that you see a doctor immediately.


When you are in your 20s, your skin might be in its best stage but that doesn’t mean that you stop caring for it because the lack of proper care would result in early signs of aging starting to appear on your skin.

For best results, always follow a three-step skin care route combining of skin cleansing, toning and moisturizing, two times daily. Start your skin care routine by cleansing your face and neck area with a mild cleanser to remove all dirt and grime, follow up with a toner to close the pores, and finally, apply a moisturizer to keep your skin feeling soft and supple.


Your skin needs care and more when you have a lifestyle that doesn’t allow you to get enough sleep needed for skin to repair and rest. If you spend many nights staying up till late then you must use a product that contains antioxidants such as vitamin C. Also consume food rich in vitamin C to get that internal glow on your face.

If you skin is prone to breakouts then cut down your dairy intake and drink almond milk instead, avoid white rice and white bread as they contain sugar, and start consuming a diet rich in superfoods, whole grains, fruits, and green vegetables.


You can use at-home deep peels to exfoliate and lighten the skin, and you may also opt for laser hair removal to enjoy smooth and flawless skin.

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How to Get Rid of Dry Skin

Come winter and we can’t stop complaining about chapped skin, rough and dry hands that seem so irritable. As the temperature falls down, our shopping list has some new interesting entries such as the coffee beans, warm pullovers and of course moisturizers to keep our skin from chapping and feeling dry all day! But wait, buying a moisturizer from a store is not as easy as it sounds!

You would not just want to buy any product that catches your fancy, but spend your bucks over something that really suits your skin and makes it feel soft and beautiful. The question is – which of the products shining on the shelves is that perfect one for your skin type? Let’s find out:


Well, the market is so flooded with various brands that it’s easy to get confused and end up wasting your money on something that’s not worth it. As per a researcher at the American Academy of Dermatology, Dr. Bethanee Schlosser, one must purchase products that moisturize and at the same time protect the skin.

Schlosser says that people need to really take moisturizing seriously and look for lotions that can actually hydrate, replenish, and soothe the skin in winter. Schlosser is also the director of Women’s Skin Health Program at Northwestern University.

Some people are not willing to give thicker skin creams and lotions a try thinking that they will be too greasy to wear all day. But Schlosser insists that the creams, lotions or ointments that are thicker and heavier are the best medicine for chapped and dry skin in winter.

It is wise to try a sample product before being judgmental about it. So, if you think a moisturizer is just too heavy for you, buy a small pack and try it out. Also, when looking for that perfect product, skin experts recommend that you look for ingredients such as dimethicone and glycerine.

If you are among those who use strictly natural-based skin cream and lotions, then look for products that contain olive oil, coconut oil or shea butter. Some people choose to directly apply coconut oil or olive oil on their skin to protect it from winter damage.


Now that you are armed with the right skin moisturizer for winter, it is important to follow the three important steps – cleansing, toning and moisturizing at least two times every day.

Also, use lukewarm water while cleansing your face and hands to avoid excessive dryness, and make sure your skin is not exposed to chemicals. Keep your hands safe by wearing gloves but make sure they are not damp as dampness can cause more than to skin than dryness.

When moisturizing your hands, take care of the areas that are more prone to dryness, such as the back of the hand and fingertips for those who type a lot. Always remember to apply a good lotion after you wash your hands to keep them feeling soft and beautiful even in winter!

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How to Use Oil for Benefiting The Skin?

Oil is important for our skin care. We all know that from our mothers who used to give oil massage in childhood. According to our mothers, massage makes a baby’s muscles strong and flexible, and it makes their skin radiant. Does oil benefit only babies? Let us plunge into and find out.

Woman getting a massage in a spa.

Occlusive or Emollients- Which Option Do You Choose?

Not all types of oils available at the grocery store are fit for all type of skins. Depending on different skin types, oil can be occlusive or emollients. Occlusive types of the oil trap existing moisture in the skin instead of adding moisture. Emollients help the skin by increasing the moisture holding capacity of the skin. It increases the permeability of the skin and helps the skin to remain moisturized and well oxygenated.

If you have dry skin, you should be using oil that are emollients instead of those that are occlusive.

Argan and Coconut Oil

It is the winter season, and you are struggling with dry skin. How to take care of your skin with natural oils? Argan oil and coconut oil should be your choice of oil. These fall into the category of emollients that help your skin breathe and survive. But you should be careful about the amount of oil you use. An emollient type of oil might become occlusive is dosage is increased.

Almond and Olive Oil

Almond oil is extracted from the nut called almonds, and olive oil is extracted from olive seeds. These oils fall into the category of occlusive oil. These types of the oil help to trap the moisture on the skin and keep the skin moisturized. Olive oil is the best type of oil for the normal skin.

Rosemary Oil 

Rosemary essential oil has another important role apart from moisturizing the skin. It boosts the immune system of the body by acting as an antioxidant as well as an anti-inflammatory agent. The oil helps to reduce the amount of free radicals in the body and thus slows the aging process gradually.

Natural Skin Oils Dosage

Skin oils should be applied after taking a shower. This note is especially for the dry skin. After shower, some amount of moisture is present on the skin. The emollient type of oil traps this moisture and keeps the skin hydrated. It helps dry skin to overcome winters and summers.

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5 Tips to Get Rid of Excessive Skin Oil

Our body is an active system that is working even when we are sleeping. The active metabolism of our body leads to the production of many by-products. These by-products, if allowed to accumulate in the body will harm our body. These are toxic to the body if present in bulk inside the body. The toxic substances are excreted in the form of oil by our skin.

There are various ways to get rid of oily skin. Let us dig into some of these ways.

Woman cleansing her face

Cleanse Your Skin

Getting rid of the excessive skin is best done by cleaning the skin with a good exfoliating agent. If it is winter season and you still have oily skin, you can find a solution in an orange. The orange peel acts as a perfect scrubber. It cleans dirt from your skin and removes the excess oil from the pores of the skin. It helps the skin to breathe and stay healthy.


Lemon being a citrus fruit is rich in vitamins. It is one of the best sources of vitamin C. Vitamin C is antioxidant. It captures all the free radicals produced by the body. Lemon juice also helps to remove tan along with excess oil from the skin. Lemon being high in acid content acts as a good bleaching agent. It helps the skin to retain its natural color and texture.

Drink Water

We are sure you’ve been told to drink water regularly in a day. Our skin might release oil in excess when the body is not fit. One of the signs of an unfit body is excessive oil production leading to skin rashes and acne. To prevent a large section of skin troubles, one needs to increase the fluid intake. Two liters of water in a day is must for an adult. And don’t sip in the carbonated drinks. Enrich yourself with fruit juices like watermelon juice, pomegranate juice both of which are rich in vitamins.

Aloe Vera 

Aloe vera is one of those plants that are made for solving all your health troubles. Aloe vera gel has a soothing effect on the skin. It also has properties of removing the excess oil on the skin surface. It nourishes skin from the inside and helps it to remain young and glowing.

Egg White

A mask of egg white acts as a good home remedy to clean the skin and thus get rid of oil.