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Skin Care Regime At Night For Dry, Acne And Oily Skin

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The importance of the application of the skin care products at night time can never be refuted by anyone. Night time is the best time to apply these products since at this time the body has the natural tendency of recovering back as the body gets a proper amount of sleep during this time. So, if the skin care products are added during this natural rejuvenating process of the body, then the results could be really astounding as one could not only get rid of the pimples, etc. overnight but also succeed in improving the elasticity of the skin. Moreover, there is no dirt or harmful sun rays at night time, so, the application of appropriate products at night could ensure the achievement of the desired results for people.

Fundamentals Of Skin Care Regime To Be Followed At Night

There are certain fundamental things that constitute the skin care routine at night which are described here.

Facial Cleansing

The first and foremost step for the person with any type of skin is facial cleansing. One always begins with applying a facial cleanser, or a face wash, or even cleansing milk in order to start the process of night skin care routine. For people who have oily skin, the use of gel or foam based cleansers is recommended. And, people with dry skin should always go for cleansers that have hydrating properties as well, as this would serve the purpose of boosting the moisture of the skin as well. And, people who experiences a lot of acne problems, should go for facial creams that come along with anti-acne properties.


The next step is to ensure that the texture of the skin remains intact and that it maintains the pH balance effectively. So, toning the skin ensures the achievement of this step. Also, for people with dry skin, alcohol free toners should be used, while, people with oily skin should always go for mild toners. And, people with oily skin should apply toners so as to eliminate the extra oil from their skin as the toner would block the pores and inhibit the process of excretion of oil from the skin.

Night Cream

Application of the night cream is also one of the significant steps in the night skin care routine as the night cream gives back the essential nutrients that are required for the skin to recuperate and rejuvenate. So, people with dry skin should go for night creams that are rich in hyaluronic acid since that is effective in repairing the dryness of the skin. While, people with oily skin could either skip applying the night cream and only apply serum or, they could go with night creams that contain no oil and have less emollients. However, people who have a lot of problems of acnes could go for using antibiotic creams instead in order to treat the acnes. So, they could go for gels containing benzoyl peroxide. This will provide a smoother skin after some time.

Under Eye Cream

The application of the under eye cream is recommended for all the people, regardless of their skin types since the area under the eyes is really sensitive and requires proper care and attention.