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Have you ever seen Korean women with flawed skin? Usually, you would not have seen. Doesn’t it amaze you? You might think it is because of their genetics or their country’s weather.


You will be surprised to know that it is neither genetics nor weather. You too can have such flawless skin if you could follow their 9-step skin routine passed down from generation to generation starting probably from 700 BCE. The routine is simple but not easy. It is affordable but requires effort on your part to implement to get glowing skin.

Don’t you think putting in a little bit of effort on your part is worth in exchange for such flawless beauty?

Go through these 9 simple steps revealed in the health and wellness website Shape.

1. 10-SECOND RULE – The timing is the key in Korean routine. You have to apply your toner within 10 seconds of taking a hot shower. The longer you delay, the more increase in the dryness of the skin.

2. CARRY SHEET MASKS TO THE GYM! – These masks are soothing and hydrate the skin. Korean Women use the sheet mask in the gym’s steam room allowing the skin to absorb the ingredients.

3. DAILY FACIAL MASSAGES – Massage creams are a daily staple in Korea while it has not taken off in the US. Daily face massage allows for better blood flow when you use the tip of the fingers or knuckles to massage the tissue and muscles under your skin. It will tone up the facial muscles and prevents skin from wrinkles and ageing.

4. WASH PROPERLY – The first step of the routine is to double cleanse. You have to remove the makeup with an oil cleanser and wash the skin again for deep skin cleanse. You will not find any Korean Women washing their face only once.

5. SLAP YOUR FACE – You read it right!. Some Korean women slap their own faces to enhance blood circulation as a post-skin routine.

6. RICE BRIGHTENS THE SKIN – Rice does not just nourish the body but also the skin. Rice water is natural moisturizer that has proven skin benefits. Rice water can minimise dark circles, slow down aging, remove age spots and brighten the skin. It is simple to use. Just soak rice for 10 to 15 minutes and use the water as a toner.

7. HANG DRENCHED BATH TOWELS AT THE BEDROOM – As you sleep at night, it is best to hang wet bath towels near the bed since it hydrates the face skin when there is dry air due to humidity.

8. PROTECT THE SKIN THROUGHOUT THE YEAR – Whether you are indoors or outdoors, ultraviolet rays can harm your skin even during winter. It is the reason you will find Korean women wear white gloves up to elbows and visors covering their face while driving.

9. USE GINSENG – The secret ingredient to Korean beauty is ginseng. It helps detoxify the skin and removes the pollutants.

Beautiful skin is also a sign of perfect health and by following this age-old traditional routine you can keep your skin flawless.

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