The best day moisturizer out there

I was really excited when I got my hands on the OROGOLD 24K Multi-Vitamin Day Moisturizer. Above all else, what excited me the most was the fact that I would be applying real gold on my skin. I have always been a gold fanatic and those Japanese Geisha stories really make the use of gold sound to be perfectly safe and useful. Moreover, there is nothing more luxurious for a woman than to apply real gold on her face.

OROGOLD Exclusive Day Moisturizer

But, that was before I learned about all that this product has to offer. If you have suffered at the hands of brands promising too much and delivering nothing, OROGOLD Cosmetics is one brand that you would want to look at. I thought that this brand promises too much and pays a lot of stress to its packaging to hide the irregularities in the product, but boy, WAS I WRONG.  OROGOLD Cosmetics is one of those very few skin care brands that offers the complete luxury skin care experience – it not only promises a lot and gives you fancy packaging, it also delivers on its promises. OROGOLD says that this product is the best day cream that I will ever use, and they were certainly right about that. Using the OROGOLD 24K Multi-Vitamin Day Moisturizer was unlike any experience that I have had before, and I would certainly like to share it with all of you.

OROGOLD Daily Moisturizer Cream

I fell in love with this product during the free demonstration offered at the OROGOLD store and I immediately agreed to purchase the product and add it to my regular skin care routine. I loved the way my skin glowed after using the moisturizer (I am guessing that’s because of the gold in the product). But, what made my day was the fact that my skin felt really hydrated, really smooth and super beautiful. It was almost silky smooth to touch.


I found the product to be heavenly. I am usually not a huge fan of skin care products that cost so much, but this is one exception that is worth making. You really won’t find a better moisturizer. And the best part? The product seems to be really long lasting as well. That should certainly give me value for money.


I use the 24K OROGOLD Day Moisturizer in the mornings and slather it on my face and neck area. And I have really noticed a huge difference within just one week. My skin certainly looks brighter and younger and feels smoother. I have been using the moisturizer every single day and I don’t even use my makeup regularly. Even without makeup, this moisturizer makes my skin look perfect. And when I use it under my makeup, I find it to act as the perfect base for the best makeup application of your life.


They say that beauty is not skin deep, but when you do get access to products like this one, you really cannot help feel like a beauty goddess!

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